Tarasinta feat 2ndy – ‘Forever Fire’ [Music Video]

We are back after long hiatus, this song was written 7 years ago. ‘Forever Fire’ tells a love story even if the seasons change they will be forever fire for one another.

Slowly falling down they dance gracefully
Tenderly touching your face
Toward disparition you waltz slowly
Threading on our memories

You took my sorrow with you
You take my smile away

Your shadow lingers here
I would desperately try to embrace

Even if you’re gone my words are still true
No, I won’t ever break my vow
You’ll Forever be save within my heart
Yes, i will alway be there for you

Let the clock ticks away
Let the night rolls the day
Let the summer gives way
You will still be my fire

Let the rain washes my tears
And the wind blows my fears
When the dawn is breaking
You’ll forever be my fire

“Forever Fire”
performed by TARASINTA (ig : tarasinta) feat 2NDY (ig : dr.2ndy)
Songs by TARASINTA Lyrics by Aditya Hernowo
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Nicholas Xavi (ig : nickgasme) and Nuno Satrida (ig : nuno_satrida)

“Forever Fire” Music Video
Directed by Fabian Pamor (ig : fabianpamor)
Produced by Bikinmusik.com
Wardrobe by Rory Wardana Poesponingrat (ig : rory_wardana)
MUA by Innasetyo harmawati (ig : innasetyo.harmawati)

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