About 2NDY

2NDY read as rendy,
because 2=re, like 1=do, 3=mi, 4=fa etc.
but you can call me ‘Dua-en-de-ye’ in Indonesia.

I’am Singer Songwriter.

2NDY real name is Rendy Harindraputra,
born in Yogyakarta “Jogja” in 26th June 1987.

“My Life was complete because of music”, “My Life = Music”.
I’ve played music since elementary school, I played ‘pianika’ and ‘organ’, Now I enjoy playing keyboard untill present. Since Junior High school, I’ve been writing many songs, but actually I began recording my song that I wrote at 2005.

My Songlist
2ndy “Angkuh the album”
1. KarnaMu [intro]
2. Angkuh prologue
3. Angkuh
4. My Conceit (Angkuh dance session)
5. Crazy Little Monkey
6. Ragu
7. Pantang
8. Persembahan untuk Mama
9. Dunia ini bukan hanya milik kita
10. Farewell [outro]

2ndy “Putus” Single
1. Putus
2. What a friend is 4

2ndy “Love VS Hate” Single
1. Love VS Hate
3. ILUVU Remix

2ndy “Bila Kau (Tak Setia)…” Super Single
1. Time travel [intro]
2. Bila Kau (Tak Setia)…
3. Bila Kau (Tak Setia)… [sad version]
4. Bila Kau [guitar version]
5. Bila Kau [Acapella version]
6. Bila Kau [cozy version]
7. Bila Kau [fun version]
8. Time travel remix [outro]

2ndy “Kisah Kasih” Single
1. Kisah Kasih

2ndy “Cinta Palsu/Fake Love” Mini Album
1. Far Reprise [intro]
2. Cinta Palsu / Fake Love
3. Jauh / Far
4. Dream

2ndy “The Prince is Rising” Mini Album
1. The prince is rising
2. No Call No Message
3. Hanyalah Dirimu
4. My Girl

Tara & 2ndy 2010 Summer Single “Forever Fire”
1. Forever Fire

“It’s You” Single, performed live acoustic at youtube

RICHIERICH “Takbisa Hidup Tanpamu (T.H.T)” single

2ndy “Takluk” Mini Album
1. Goodnight
2. Gara gara dia
3. Mimpi Indah Bersamamu
4. Embun Hitam
5. Takluk

ANCALA “Kawan” single

Tarasinta feat 2NDY – “Forever Fire” single

1. Pantang menyerah
2. Ingkar
3. Gara gara dia
4. Mimpi Indah Bersamamu (M.I.B)
5. Embun Hitam

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    1. my beloved QQ,, ra sah mbuka sing 2ndy’s song langsung nang home,, sing recent post kuwi.., just try download it again..,

  1. Love your voices, deep bass and low tone.. creative musics and lyrics written, this is what we need! Not so many young talents yet these days with those abilities! Keep it up, 2ndy! Can’t wait to see the upcoming releases!

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